• April Harper

Breastfeeding is Hard.

I had mastitis four times in my first three months of being a mom. It came with high fevers, body aches, and pain that brought me to tears. I was on antibiotics each time I had it and was so worried about all the effects that would have on me and on Will, being such a young baby. Each time I came down with it, I could hardly get myself to take a shower, let alone care for my child. I hadn't learned how to ask for help yet, and so the whole thing was. not. pretty. Breastfeeding can be so hard. I had this expectation that it would be so natural, and I would just cuddle my baby and he and I would know just what to do. Wrong. That was not my story. I DEARLY hope that IS your story, but if it is not...mama, it is okay. And it does get easier. I went on to nurse Will until he was 19 months old and it was the greatest joy of my life. I sincerely mean that. ❗️❗️Coming soon: a blog post about what turned the period of torture (too dramatic?) to total joy.

This picture is of Will and I when he was 5 days old, and I had no idea about, well, anything! And especially not the ride we’d be in for. 😘

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