• April Harper

Guest Post by Rachelle Starr, Founder and Executive Director of Scarlet Hope and Scarlet's Bakeries

Updated: Jul 8, 2019

It is a pleasure to be asked to write for this beautiful blog and my highs school bestie, April. April exudes motherhood and faithfulness and I love having known and watched her for twenty years.

She asked me to write on my journey with motherhood and faith and I have to tell you that it’s been complicated and complex, but it is pure joy.

Since I was sixteen years old I have had “female” complications with various issues in my life. I was married at twenty-one and motherhood wasn’t on my mind right away, to be honest. So we waited a few years to begin trying to have children. We tried for two years without any success and kept waiting on the Lord to deliver the child that I was desperate to have. After rounds of infertility treatments and several years into the process, my husband and I found ourselves at a little cabin in the woods praying and asking God why. It was in that cabin that God laid equal amounts of joy on our heart about pursuing adoption. I had always known I would adopt a bunch of kiddos one day but I didn't know that this was going to be God’s Plan A and I have learned that God doesn’t have plan B’s!

We began the domestic adoption process. The process was long, and the Lord had us stop in the middle of it several times because we were placed with twin girls through a foster situation that we thought we were going to be adopting. Nonetheless, we tried to listen and be obedient all along the way. After the twin girls went back to their mother, which was heartbreaking for us, we continued on in the process. In mid-July of 2013, we received a call that we were matched with a young mother that was giving birth in three weeks. Her name was Chloe and she wanted us to be her child’s parents. Our hearts filled with excitement fast and we rushed to get together everything we needed and prepared for the day we would meet our sweet baby. Just shy of a week before the baby was due, our agency called us to let us know that they had found the birth father and he wanted to parent the child. Our hearts filled with sorrow and truthfully I was frustrated with the rollercoaster of emotions and really questioned if God was even for us.

The next day, our agency called and God brought to my mind an adoption situation that was out of the ordinary a month prior. I asked about it and the baby that was due in September of 2013 had not been placed yet. I asked the agency right away if they would show our profile to the birth mother, and 24 hours later we were chosen to be my son’s adoptive parents.

My son is five today and the wait was worth it. God knew what he was doing and he fulfilled our desires to have a family. When I look back over my life and over how God has called me in different areas I can honestly say that his plans far outweigh anything I could ever hope for or imagine. It also goes for the ministry, Scarlet Hope that the Lord called me to nearly thirteen years ago. I had ideas of how I was going to spend my life but God had greater plans. Today while being a mama, I get the joy of being a mother to women and children of the fatherless, abused, outcast and broken. I have fifty-year-old women that call me Mom and whom I consider my children. So when I think of motherhood it is a way of being and a relational role that God puts you in for whom he chooses, for just the time he chooses. My encouragement to you mommas out there is to stay faithful to the Lord even when hope, loss or your plans don’t go exactly as you desire. God is with you and he loves you.

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