• April Harper

Holding Hands

This is little Ruby walking outside for the second time in her life.

Getting to watch her be so scared, hold on to me (or my mom the first time), try, fall, and then finally do it on her own for a few steps is so beautiful.

Being around kids all the time you realize how they are so quick to recover from mistakes. They pick themselves up and just try again.

But adults? It takes so long to forget and get some momentum again. My kids are so young that when they fall or miss or mess up, they don’t even look around to see if anyone saw it. Oh how incredible to be back there, like my one year old just focusing on her own growth. How beautiful to picture how our Heavenly Father is standing right behind us waiting to catch us like we are to Ruby and whispering words of encouragement and love as we try to stand but fall over and over again. My encouragement to you, if your picture of God is anything less than that kind of love, patience, and kindness, just sit with him and let him remind you who he is. ❤️

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