• April Harper

How I Exercise with my Babies.

Updated: Mar 26, 2019

I'm into wearing workout clothes but not always in love with actually working out. 😁 But, one of my goals this year is to exercise each week, so I'm getting out there! After school most days when I get home with my kids around 5pm, we go straight from the car to the stroller. My kids get all bundled up in hats and blankets, and Will begs to go on a "suuuuper fast ride." He picks the path through the neighborhood, telling to me go left or right and Ruby laughs and squeals the entire time. It is spring break over here, and while everything around us is pretty muddy and brown, we are loving every minute we get in the sunshine! Anybody else dying to get outside? . . @Thule #bringyourlife #bringyourkids#allthingsnew #allthingsnewco #getoutside#workingmom #fitmom #workoutroutine#workoutmotivation #spring #thule#adidasrunning #momlife #postpartum#moderndayhomemaking #letsdothis

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