• April Harper

Hypothyroid and Celery Juicing

Updated: Mar 26, 2019

It seems like everyone and their mom is juicing celery right now. Am I right? 🌿😁 When I was pregnant with Ruby, who is now 14 months, we discovered that I have a hypothyroid. While I don't have any of the standard symptoms that are supposed to go along with it, like being low energy or gaining weight, the tests continue to come back that I am out of whack. I feel terrible on the medicine that regulates it, so I started doing what everyone else is doing and juicing celery first thing in the morning. in addition to being known for healing thyroids, there are so many benefits to it like supporting the central nervous system, enhancing the immune system, and all the anti-inflammatory rewards. The coolest part is that my doctor let me do a little 30-day experiment where I go back and test my blood after juicing for 30 days. How awesome, right?

I am not a health expert, but I do know that food makes a HUGE difference in how I feel and how much energy I have. We juice at our house every week🍋🍊🥕🍏🍍, but just plain celery juice? Never. I've been doing it for a few days and honestly, it is not that bad! Ruby even has a few sips from my cup! Anybody else on the celery train?

And if you are wondering, I use a Breville Juice Fountain Elite juicer.

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