• April Harper

Let's Talk about Habits.

There are a few things that have had a huge impact on my relationship with God this past year (and my wholeness, in general), and one of them is that I start each day with truth.

I went to the Global Leadership Summit last summer and heard Angela Ahrendts, the Senior Vice President of Retail for Apple speak about her mornings. ☀️She said she starts with quieting herself before God. The moderator asked her if she ever feels rushed to get started with work, and she explained how her work is too important to be done without first listening to God. She said she starts with the Charles Stanley podcast, coffee, and scripture. How cool is she?

I was so desperate to have a habit that would bring life and purpose to my day, that I started copying her plan -- the very next day. I had never heard that podcast before, but unlike so many of the awesome talk-show style podcasts that I've been listening to for years (and love!), this one is just straight-up teaching from the word. Since I can't always sit with my Bible in the morning, this podcast still puts the word in my ears and my heart. My mornings are crazy. Half the time I am so dazed from being up with my baby in the night, or staying up late the night before to write my dissertation. I'm making breakfast, packing lunches, and trying to get my family out the door because I have meetings and clients to get to. I do not have a serene start to the day, any day. Can anyone relate? 🙋🏼‍♀️My habits have finally changed to accept this season and start with truth even in the midst of that. . So here is what I do!

If I'm not up before my kids and have time in the word alone, I usually listen to the podcast while I do my makeup. There is no way I'm not going to do my makeup, so that is time I always have set aside in the morning. My daughter is still nursing, so I am still pumping. That is my other sacred time. I read my Bible and just be quiet before God and let him tell me what he needs to tell me. It is already time set aside and so it is a really easy habit to form. 👉Side note: if you are pumping and hate it, I can relate, and I used to dread dragging out my pump every. single. day. But now I love that time because it is for me and God. What is your "makeup" and "pumping" time?

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