• April Harper

Love of Packing

You guys, I love packing so much. It’s like this great challenge to choose exactly what we will need and fit it into as few bags as possible. This time, even Ruby brought a carryon (as you can see ☺️). I used to be a major over-packer, but once I had the opportunity to travel a lot in my early twenties I learned to pack wayyy less! Stephen and I even traveled to South Africa for 10 days a few years ago and we each only brought a backpack 🎒 (they were pretty big backpacks 😉). For all my over-packers out there, here is the only change I made👇 •Pack complete outfits. Instead of giving yourself options for how to put your outfit together when you get there, put it together at home and bring only that. I’ve noticed that when this is hard for me to do, it is because I’m in a period where I don’t actually like my clothes. But having more clothes in your suitcase that you don’t really like, doesn’t help you when you arrive. I’ve been minimizing my wardrobe to only things I love, and it is a work on progress, but totally worth it to declutter your closet and your options. Because let’s face it, the only thing in my closet that is getting worn are black leggings anyway! 🤗💁🏼‍♀️ #declutter #packing #airport#airportoutfit #bringthekids#organization #lessismore#whatbringsyoujoy #dumptherest#bloomingtonmoms #packinghacks#closetorganization #familytravel#allthingsnewco #allthingsnew

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