• April Harper

The First Seeds this Spring

It's gardening time! Sometimes your kid makes it most of the day wearing a double layer of PJs that he put on himself without a single piece of them matching. 😂 But his excavating skills came in super handy digging up the weeds! One of our favorite things to do together last summer was work in the garden and find food to pick each day, and saying goodbye to the garden was so sad when we moved! But, even though we are in a condo while our house is being built, we are SO LUCKY to have this little spot to grow some veggies this summer.🥒🍅🌶 We are getting prepped to plant some seeds this week for kale and lettuce! There is so much bang for your buck in growing these if you eat a lot of greens. We juice the kale with lemon, green apples, and ginger, or blend it up in smoothies. It is so nice to go grab a bunch from the garden every day or so instead of keeping up with buying it at the store. After you cut off a •bunch• of lettuce or kale, another one just grows right back in its place! 😍

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