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Top 10 (or more) Favorite Baby Items

Updated: Mar 25, 2019

This little girl. Her baby bedhead. Her squishy cheeks. I simultaneously want time to slow down and also to keep watching her grow. With so many things on the market, it is easy to be overwhelmed with what to choose. Here are my favorite baby items that we used in Ruby's first year.

Milkies Milk-Savor: This is not the case for every single person, BUT sometimes when you breastfeed, the side the baby isn't nursing on leaks milk. It would soak nursing pads for me every feeding! My friend @themidwestskinny introduced me to the Milkies Milk-Saver. It is silicon and you can use it over and over again. By the time I went back to work, I had not pumped a single time in the 8 weeks, and I had a freezer full of milk because of how much I collected in Milkies! It is seriously a game changer!

SwaddleMe Original Swaddle: While I absolutely LOVE the muslin swaddling blankets, after my babies were about a month old, they wiggled their way out of them at night. I STILL use those blankets for everything under the sun, but after the first few weeks, we used the SwaddleMe wraps and they worked like a CHARM for keeping my babies bundled up and super cozy while sleeping. And a major bonus is they are very affordable and can be found at so many stores!

Kickee Pants: It is hard to play favorites because there are SO MANY baby pjs that I have loved for Ruby, but if I had to pick only one thing on the planet to dress her in, it would be the softest, coziest, organic cotton Kickee Pants. They have the cutest designs, but even if they didn't, the softness factor is what makes them take the cake. One of my friend's babies has eczema and these have made such a difference for him being comfortable while he sleeps (and plays!).

Double Stroller: When I found out we were having a second baby, I started hunting down the best double stroller on the market. Our kids are only 22 months apart and so my priorities were: *Adaptability with our Britax car seat (because who wants to wake up a sleeping baby to move them in and out of a stroller?). *Ability to jog and go on rough terrain without it being too hard to push and steer *Being easy to open and close while also fitting in the back of my Rav4! This Thule double stroller checks all the boxes and I take it everywhere and love it for how easy it is to use, space to put bags and other baby gear, and how comfortable it is for the kids and for me to push. This is the adaptor that works for our Britax car seat. If I only have Ruby with me, I still use my Britax B Agile for shopping and my single BoB jogger for running, and I love both of those.

Dr. Brown's Bottles: I heard all the warnings before buying about how all the parts would be a pain in the neck. But honestly, they are not. You just throw them all in the dishwasher each night! My babies never had trouble going back and forth between breastfeeding and taking bottles or had any tummy troubles. The best part is how they warm up perfectly in this matching bottle warmer.

I did not have a DockAtot with my first baby, and the difference it has made for us with the second has been huge. Ruby slept in it on night one after coming home from the hospital, and she started having a six hour stretch of sleep at 6 weeks, seven hour stretch at 7 weeks, 8 hour stretch at 8 weeks, and this went on all the way to having a 12 hour stretch at 12 weeks. While there might be other factors, the only thing I know I did differently was put her in the DockAtot Deluxe, so it is getting all the credit in my book. In addition to using it at night, I also used it during the day when I needed to lay her down so that I could do something. She would play with little rattles and toys and be happy and cozy. When Ruby was 9 months, we bought her the DockATot Grande and she has loved that ever since! My son is 3 and sometimes I wonder, should I be buying HIM one? Maybe it would help him to stay in his bed! The DockATot travels with us everywhere we go because I know it will make a difference in us ALL getting a good night's sleep.

Baby Bjorn Bib: I know this bib (smock?) looks a little intense. But trust me on how convenient it is to feed your kid absolutely anything, and all you need to worry about it how much food gets in their hair. I let Ruby eat with her little forks and hands all by herself if she wants, and when she is done, I just wipe off the bib and it is ready to go for the next meal.

This Baby Bjorn highchair is the bomb. It is so sleek, fits right up to a table and doesn't dominate a kitchen like some of the really big high chairs. It has an adjustable tray so that it can grow with the baby and we used it starting at 6 months for both kids. The best part is that we can take it to grandparents' or friends' houses really easily because it folds up and is light to carry.

Breastfeeding 4 day old Ruby

Swivel Glider Recliner Chair: This chair is so cozy for rocking a sick baby in the night, piling in together to read books, and most definitely nursing and bottle feeding. I looked for one that both reclined, glided, AND swiveled and that is what made me decide on this one.

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Now, go enjoy that baby!

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