• April Harper

Uh Oh

Does anyone else’s child LOVE to say “Uh Oh”? Ruby might say it 20 or so times every hour that she is awake. Dropped a 🖍- Uh Oh! Smashed her 🥑- Uh Oh! Missed a high 🖐 - Uh Oh! We think it’s so cute (and it really is ☺️), but part of me wants to stop her and say no, girl. It is not an Uh Oh! You are learning. That thing that just happened is not actually bad. Of course I don’t do that •yet• considering that she’s 1 😆. But, I wish I could go back and to my Uh Ohs from early in life and tell myself to just move on, learn from this, stop wallowing, believe in myself, try again, and GROW. And most importantly to not let my identity be tied to anything (especially not my mistakes) except that I am a child of God, created in his likeness, and being transformed into his image, day by day. And that is exactly what I’ll be telling her. #childofgod #createdinhisimage #uhoh#chiaseeds #createdtocreate#childhoodunpluggled#slowmotherhood#motherdaughtertime #homemaking#modernhomemaking #christianmom#thelittlemoments#mistakesarelessons #mistakeshappen#identityinchrist #16monthsold#allthingsnew #allthingsnewco#bloomingtonmoms

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