• April Harper

What Choices am I not Making?

Updated: Mar 8, 2019

A few years ago pretty close to my 30th birthday, I decided I wanted to have blonde hair. I had thought about it a long time but I could never take the plunge to even get my hair slightly highlighted...so weird right? But when I turned thirty, I did it. It was just a silly decision that makes no real impact on anything, except that I really like my hair now. 😊But after doing that, it really hit me. What other choices am I not making?

"I've been thinking about how we have one chance to live our lives and that we can pick whatever we want to have. We don't have to let things happen to us. We can make them happen. I pray that God will direct Stephen and me to pick and make happen a loving home that glorifies God." I found this in my journal from a year ago and I'm still thinking about the same things. Some things are out of my control, and I wouldn't dare mess with the perfect timing that God has. But other things, what am I waiting for? To parent in a way that I'm proud of, like setting more boundaries for my little 3-year old when I know that he needs them, to make a step to change how my husband and I communicate, or intentionally date each other, or show love to each other, or invite more people into our home? There is nothing to wait on. There are only actions to be made. #allthingsnew #allthingsnewco#moderndayhomemaking #todayistheday#intention #lifegiving #action#bringgodglory #family #parenting#marriage

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