• April Harper

"What is Love, Mama?"

“What is love, Mama?” One night before bed when we were saying all our "I love you's", Will asked me this question. You better believe it stopped me in my tracks. ⠀ After explaining how it means we care about him and cherish him and forgive him no matter what, he was even more curious about it. Asking this question has turned into our evening routine now. "You read me a story and then we talk about love."

So, together we think about the day and list out anything that was showing love or come up with scenarios that would be love. Like I'll say, "Will, what is love?" and he explains how if someone helped him on the slide, or gave him a toy at school, or gave him a hug when he was sad, that is love. "Now you say one, mama." Turning an abstract word like love into something tangible has made it so much easier to talk about Jesus with him. Part of me will think, how will he possibly understand this? But, the reality is that kids understand the heart of God, his tenderness, mercies, never ending kindness, more than the big people do!

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