April Harper

About Me

     I am constantly reminded just how short this life is, how purposeful this life can be, and how much God has equipped each one of us to love people and share his goodness. He has made all things new in my life. ALL THINGS! 

     The hope of tomorrow is with me because I know God wants good things, which includes growing me in even the areas I am the most stubborn. I'm here to share the hope of tomorrow with Y O U and create a community of women who support and inspire each other.  

     These are my precious baby bundles, Ruby and Will, and my hardworking hunk of a husband. We live in Bloomington, Indiana and have spent most of our lives in the Midwest.

     I work full time supporting school districts with technology integration, and I am writing my dissertation to complete my doctorate in educational leadership. I love working and I love taking care of my family. Modern day homemaking means that making your home and family a priority can look a million different ways. There is no such thing as “doing it all” and I am here to share the way we live passionately for what matters to us, simply wherever we can, and with love always. 

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