• April Harper

Medical Experiment Update

Remember how I jumped on the celery juicing bandwagon to see if it could help my hypothyroid problems? Well, after juicing 4-5 times a week for 6 weeks, we tested my thyroid again, and I cannot believe it. 🤭 A normal T3 thyroid hormone is 0.400 - 4.200 mcU/mL and mine has tested high at 7.177 and even up to 8.321 in the past. . After 45 days of juicing though...it was 4.389 mcU/mL! That is only a couple hundredths away from being normal! Isn’t that unbelievable? 🙌❤️ So, instead of going on medication right now, I’m going to juice for another 45 days and then test again to see if it goes down even further to become completely normal. Food is medicine and I am in awe! 🍏🥒🥝🥦🥑🍐 . . . . . . #allthingsnew #allthingsnewco@celeryjuiceheals @medicalmedium@celeryjuicebenefits#celeryjuicebenefits #celeryjuiceheals#celeryjuice #medicalmedium#hypothyroid #healthymom#motherhood #foodismedicine#juicingforhealth #juicing

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